Choose the type of paper for your letter

Personalizing messages sent with the help of Calligraphly means not only adjusting the content, but above all the form. If you want to have full control over the graphic design, we will be happy to write them on letterhead sent to us by e-mail. We also provide our designs, designed to meet all the needs of both formal and less formal correspondence.

Here are the available types of letter paper, greeting cards and envelopes that will allow you to dazzle the recipient and your brand will stay in his memory for a long time.

Letter paper - A4

Group 721

White - 80g.

The most classic and transparent type of paper. Most often chosen when the content and handwriting are to be in the foreground.

Group 626

Gray eco - 80g.

Grey recycled paper, which together with an ecological envelope will emphasize that you are not indifferent to the fate of the natural environment.

Group 627

Yellow - 90g.

A good alternative to the basic versions of our paper. A compromise between the standard and more eye-catching forms.

Group 628

Blue, red - 100g.

Slightly thicker than standard paper, which enhances the power and weight of your message both by touch and color.

Group 629

Purple, dark lilac, green - 120g.

Solid papers in three colors that attract attention. Most often chosen for the needs of creative advertising campaigns.

Group 720

Your graphic design

Use of your company stationery allowing for full visual customization of the message.

Greeting Cards

Group 719

Folded card A6 eco - 350g.

A thicker folded card, designed to send wishes and messages in a modest, ecological style. It emphasizes the simplicity and honesty of the message, corresponding to the values of unpretentious brands that remain close to the customer.

Group 717

Folded card A6 white - 260g.

A card that requires additional opening after taking it out of the envelope, which enhances the experience of unpacking correspondence like a gift. It emphasizes the essence of relationships when making Christmas wishes and more.

Group 718

Pocztówka A5 biała - 350g.

Prosta, mała i zgrabna kartka w formie pocztówki, która przekaże Twoją wiadomość w sposób zwięzły i konkretny. Idealna na podziękowania za zakup, wysłanie klientom kodu rabatowego czy dołączenie do prezentu.


Mask Group 26
Mask Group 27

We pack each of our correspondence in any A6 envelope with a density of 120g. You can choose from four colors matching the papers and cards: eco brown, purple, blue or red.

Group 663

Do you already know which type of paper, card
and envelope
suits you best?

Find out what our handwriting says about us (and you) or apply it directly to paper in our wizard.